IN THE FLOW EXHIBITION - Unique operating systems

Unique operating systems

The Phuong has a logical and multi-dimensional drawing style. For “In the flow”, he gives us a well-organised and striking view of the Gia Lam train station, amongst which is the peaking image of a guitarist - his special interest. A lens of the complex universe with systems of rules but no less innocent is how The Phuong communicates with the world around him.

There are already a lot of regulations, so what about irregularities? Then we shall invite you to experience Tue Giang's flow and marvel at its anomalies and distinctive metamorphoses. Through Tue Giang's lens of observation and association, everything is altered in terms of shape, proportion, and arrangement and is full of fascinating details. It might be machineries, a humorous Long Bien bridge with a striking colour scheme, or something silly but incredibly endearing. It may function as a locomotive and transform into a really tasty shaved ice machine by simply altering the perspective and colour.

Have you ever seen a dinosaur  eating a… snow cone, on a train? In Duy Son’s opulent imagination world, you can definitely come across those fascinating characters: A duck king serving mandu at One Pillar Pagoda, a lizard doing somersaults at Gia Lam train station… Those myriad of ideas combined with his natural colour pencil strokes create a flow of ideas that appears in his vibrant life in a diary-like manner.

Like Duy Son, SaeHae is a specialist in telling stories. He has a great talent for giving his characters personalities and shapes. When you sail along SaeHae’s flow, you will get to visit Hue train station with funky monsters, mischievous cats playing hide and seek within the embossment, or a horse giving someone a sardonic look. It might be that SaeHae feels more comfortable expressing himself through his artworks and characters.

The flow of expressing one’s unique self to the world continues with Bao Linh - the youngest student in Tohe's intensive artist training program. Bao Linh's first introduction to Tohe was during September the previous year. She is a petite girl indeed, having said that, her talent is nowhere near the word ‘small’. As each lesson goes by, she surprises everyone with her endless enthusiasm for TV shows and the alphabet. Through her ‘sui-generis’ perspective, the alphabet becomes more than just simply flat characters—they each have unique histories, personalities, and careers. We encourage you to gently glide across the stream named Bao Linh; to chuckle at the expressive letters you spot on the train carriage, or to shudder at the sight of the letter A strolling beside the O on Long Bien bridge.


"In the flow" exhibition is sponsored by UNESCO, SOVICO group; Venue sponsorship by Mailand Hanoi City; Idea and implementation by Tohe Social Enterprise team

For further information, please contact:

Phone: 0961 088 916 (Ms. Mai Huong)



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