IN THE FLOW EXHIBITION - A petite body can’t stop a giant heart

A petite body can’t stop a giant heart

Duc's new colouring method reminds us of Khanh Huyen. Khanh Huyen has a habit of arranging markers according to the colour range before she starts to draw and she will paint in the arranged order. Huyen's drawings are soft, giving us this emotional and childlike feeling. While travelling along Khanh Huyen’s flow, you will encounter her colourful spectrum of images of Pen Tower, Long Bien Bridge...

You can also encounter such a feeling of clarity in Bui Gia Hung's artworks. Even though he cannot attend art-coaching classes regularly, Hung always tries his best during each session. A buffalo resting his chi, deep in thought; a cow with a very funky smile is all to describe Hung's gentle stream.

On the way to enjoy the abundant flow of love, you will surely find a world filled with tons of adoration from Pham Khoi Nguyen. Nguyen's flow is a journey of patience and desire to learn. You will encounter a detailed to bit Hanoi Railway Station drawn by Nguyen with a lot of effort and patience, or travel with Nguyen to Ninh Binh with a suitcase full of things. Khoi Nguyen's world continues to expand little by little every day.

When it comes to emotion and femininity, you cannot pass Mai Khanh's paintings. Alike to her gentle and extremely warm appearance, Khanh's use of colour tones is another kind of softness itself: lotus pink, a bit of cheerfulness like lemon yellow, sky blue... Somewhere in the flow, you will have to giggle at the extremely witty painting depicting the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara; the endearing statues of Kim Dong and Ngoc Nu through Mai Khanh's affectionate observation and association.

Thuy Dung's collection of works, on the other hand, is a diary combined with a colouring book. Her drawings are extremely neat and clean - so neat that they look like pictures in children's colouring books. It is this characteristic that makes the images of the Temple of Literature, Long Bien Bridge, and Gia Lam train factory in Thuy Dung's flow more impressive: both innocent and very pleasant to look at.


 "In the flow" Exhibition is sponsored by UNESCO, SOVICO group; Venue sponsorship by Mailand Hanoi City; Idea and implementation by Tohe Social Enterprise team

For further information, please contact:

Phone: 0961 088 916 (Ms. Mai Huong)




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