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IN THE FLOW EXHIBITION - Another humble universe

 Another humble universe

Childlikeness and innocence are the feelings that Nguyen Duc Viet's paintings give. Through the lens of association and imagination, Duc Viet stands out in his gentleness and carefulness in the composing process. Viet is very good at drawing repeating details. Thanks to the very neat and meticulous drawing style, you can easily see carefully crafted and tightly arranged features in his artworks. The embossment of a character rubbing the duck’s head or hugging it; through Viet simplicity and easy-minded way of approaching: become emotional and as thought close to our daily life. 

Binh and Viet’s parallelism isn’t only the fact that they study in the same class at Tohe, but perhaps also in their sincerity and carefulness with their artworks. Binh isn't the type to speak much and is especially quiet when drawing. Somewhere you will see Tran Nguyen Binh's ants creeping across the colourful strip of the old television, nostalgic scenes of daily life are vividly recreated in the flickering fire pattern. Perhaps because Binh's flow is drawn slowly and carefully,  when you slow down and take some time to perceive his works, maybe you will feel a gentle story of your own.

Last but not least, we have our little artis Le Kim Thach. Thach needed a long exposure to be able to open up and feel more comfortable when participating in the art-coaching class. The same goes for drawing: Thach takes his time and also spends time considering aspects of his paintings. Leisurely and slowly, the flow of Kim Thach is the train carrying three siblings through the fields of yellow flowers next to the sea, or the quiet Da Lat station with carefully painted windows. Perhaps for Thach, slow consideration is the way he reacts and conveys his creativity.


"In the flow" Exhibition is sponsored by UNESCO, SOVICO group; Venue sponsorship by Mailand Hanoi City; Idea and implementation by Tohe Social Enterprise team

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Phone: 0961 088 916 (Ms. Mai Huong)




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