Dang Long and Bao Linh share the same interests: drawing and TV channels - his perennial being “Who is the Millionaire?”. His passion and the way he freely expresses himself while drawing makes Long look like a good ‘swimmer’ in his flow, not to mention  his excellent observing skill alongside his ability to pinpoint the charismatic aspect of every object. They are the reasons for Long's lively and ‘soulful’  paintings. Wandering in the midst of his stream of artwork, you may run into the image of Saigon station or the Tohe building - and they definitely will make you gasp for their similarity with the real life version. You can take a look and find Dang Long himself beside his relatives - illustrated by the flexible but steady pencil strokes, living their spirited life as though a picture taken right on the spot.

The "swimming in the flow” club has another extremely talented member, and he is no other than little artist Nguyen Tien Hoang. Tien Hoang's drawings are always neat. Hoang captured the shape and proportions with on-point accuracy. Whenever he picked up the pencil, it is ensured that gentle strokes are flowing seamlessly. Hoang loves using watercolour and likes to choose tender tones. For this exhibition, Hoang drew Binh - a classmate in his coaching class, at the Gia Lam train factory and the statues he observed at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum. While flowing in the pleasant watercolour world, perhaps he sent his own message with each stroke of his brush.

Unlike other classmates, Nhat Tien feels safe around and passionate about vintage imagery. Characters such as soldiers, guards, and sailors appear a lot in his paintings. Tien's flow is a never-seen-before combination between farmers leading buffaloes to the plows, people wearing ao dai ngu than singing quan ho songs and even solemn soldiers. We invite you to explore Tien's train with special guests who are soldiers, guards,... - the key that opens Tien’s way to connect with nostalgic values.

Similar to Tien, Van Minh Duc has been a core member of Tohe's art-coaching class for many years. with a concentration and passion that is hard to match, Duc likes drawing more than anything in this entire world and never misses a class. While drawing, Duc often sings: Miu miu miu…Na na na na…In Tohe…no grading.” For this course, Duc focuses on observing his classmates and surrounding objects during two field trips. Duc's flow is "everyday" notes: teachers, classmates, flowers, ducks or papayas. However, for this time, lots of ‘odd’ things are noticed. In the past, Duc often used crayons to fill in the surface of the drawing and only use one colour per area, nonetheless, Duc has been experimenting with using multiple shades of the same colour in one ‘area’ of the painting. It seems that Duc’a comfort zone is gradually expanding and becoming more diverse with new experiments and habits.


"In the flow" Exhibition is sponsored by UNESCO, SOVICO group; Venue sponsorship by Mailand Hanoi City; Idea and implementation by Tohe Social Enterprise team

For further information, please contact:

Phone: 0961 088 916 (Ms. Mai Huong)



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