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About Tòhe Play

Tòhe Play is an event department of Tòhe - a Vietnamese social enterprise with more than 11 years of experiences in creating and organizing creative playgrounds for children.

With creative, dynamic human resources, Tòhe Play has organized a diversity of unprecedented events in Vietnam, such as KIDSTALLATION (playing with installation art) events, and many others exculsively created upon client’s requests.

Events of Tòhe Play have brought precious opportunities to thousands of children and their family to learn and explore themselves and the world through connecting and experiencing different forms of art and materials.

In addition to Tòhe Play, Tòhe is known for other brands including: Tòhe Style - Design & Produce fashion & lifestyle products from children’s drawings, Tòhe Fun – Suport and Organize social activities for disadvantaged children in Vietnam, Tòhe Bank - An online bank of children’s drawings


Why Tòhe Play?

Creativity is a top priority in every event that Tòhe Play organizes. We offer innovative, innovative materials, visuals, and visual effects for the art space. Our activities, games ... are also designed in accordance with the overall concept and maximize the creativity of the participants.

With a strong team of creative, challenging and constantly-innovative minds, we are proud to offer our customers unprecedented experiences in unique events.

We believe that the key of a successful event is the joy and emotion that stays in the mind of the customer. By understanding and enthusiasm, we are constantly trying to bring the happy, memorable, emotional moments for each participant.

We not only value emotion, Play's staffs with experience, market and customers insights have always consulted, designed events that match their goals and budgets. At the same time, the result, the optimal effect, far exceeded expectations.

Our services


- KIDSTALLATION Playground: The first installation playgrounds for children in Vietnam which helps them to experience and create their own work of art.
- Family Events: The special occasions for parents and their kids to play and have fun together through numerous creative games to strengthen their family relationship.
- Corporate Events: Events designed for companies beyond business purpose, such as teambuiding, CSR activities, etc.
- Events to attract customers: Events to take care target customers of different businesses which help to increase traffic and and other values.
- Other events upon specific request.

Developing creative education

- Developing art teaching materials
- Organizing workshop for creative artwork.

Partners & clients

Typical events


(Ms.) Nguyen Phuong Thu
Project manager Tòhe Play
Tel: 0902.127.177
Email: anh.dtt@tohe.vn
Facebook Tòhe Play: www.facebook.com/toheplay
Facebook Tòhe Style: www.facebook.com/tohestyle

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