Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction:

Tohe is a social enterprise in Vietnam with the mission to bring a playground with creative unique art activities for disadvantaged children so they have chances to experience and learn. Selected artworks from art classes are redesigned and printed on lifestyle products branded under the name Tohe and distributed in Vietnamese and International markets. Portion of profits are used to fund the creative class & scholarship program for talented children. Tohe’s desire is to suggest the children about their career choice in the creative field if they have talent.  Because the creative industry create huge economic value and nowadays it has became a new trend of the world economy ( creative economy )


2.  Use of Condition:

Clause 1: When register an account, please kindly provide full information about your age, email…

  • This is necessarily information for us to based on so we can provide you the best service.
  • Những trường hợp điền thiếu thông tin hoặc thông tin sai sự thật sẽ không được giải quyết.. In any case where you fill in the missing information or fault information will not be solve…

Clause 2:  Customer will be responsible to preserve your own password, if your password is expose under any forms, Tohe will not take responsibility for any arise damage

Clause 3:  Unconditionally using any kind of programs, tools or any other forms to interfere with the system or change the data structure.

Clause 4:  Forbidden properganda and encouragement of activities that interfere, damage or intrude with data of TOHE, also with the main router system of our company on Tohe.vn website (hack,cheat..)

  •   When you discover error on our system, please kindly report to our administrative team through this email :contact@tohe.vn


  •   You are not allowed to have any illegal sign up activities and also damage the main system of the company.

Clause 5:

  • When you give feedbacks and valuation on the website, you are not allowed to harass, insult, disturb or have any uneducated behavior to other customers.
  • You are absolutely forbidden to offend, deride other people under any forms (offend, discriminate regions, gender, race…)
  • You are absolutely forbidden to impersonate or purposely make people mistaken you with other customers, or is an administrative of tohe.vn.

Clause 6:

  • You are absolutely forbidden any propaganda, distort about the gorverment. 
  • No discussion about politic allow.


Claus 7:

  • Any personal information from our customers will be secure by us, won’t be reveal outside. We don’t sell or exchange this information to any other third party.  
  • All registered information of our member will be secured but we will have to provide these information to
  • Tohe can change, admen or fix these agreeement anytime and will be publish on the website for our customers.

3.  Co-operation Regulations:

 Lock violated account : 

  • Tohe can prevent access to our website, delay or cancel contents which have been posted by our customers if our customers purposely create accidents, violate the law, or did not follow our policy.  
  • Tohe has the right to cancel any unactive account or account which have not been use for a long period of time. 

4. Security Regulations:

I. Customer who purchase our products on tohe.vn:

Tohe Website will always pledge to secure our customers entire personal information when sign in to scroll around and shopping at www.tohe.vn. We will only provide sign up address and password to our customer when we receive your notification email. After we verify by bussiness method, we will provide our customer with a new code within 24 hours. We have the right to erase, refuse to sign up or provide your personal information to authorization companies if you have violate these terms :


  • Spearding virus, attrack our website
  • Exploide transaction on Tohe Website to circulate news, images that are wrong with fine custom and Vietnamese custom.
  • Have special requirement of authorized functional companies.

II. Website Copyright:

All information at www.tohe.vn will be including products details, images, articles; related documentaries are belonging to Tohe Website. Any form of transcribe content, images, information must be approved with an agreement document of Tohe Joint Stock Company.

We have the right to sue to any companies, national organisation and any conflicts will be solve by law toward cases such as transcribe news, images, information belongs to Tohe Joint Stock Company.


5.  Delivery Method:

I.  Domestic delivery

1. Delivery within Hanoi urban area:

  •  Tohe will deliver to your home within Hanoi urban area (1-2 days) at the registered address.

2. Express Delivery

  •  With express delivery for order within the country, you will receive your order within 2 to 4 days.

II.   International Delivery

With international delivery order, you will receive your order within 3 to 7 days.


III.  Fast and secure delivery

  • The responsibility for handling order and delivering order to our customer will be undertake by Tohe and depend on payment and delivery form for products that the customer declared when make order.
  • Tohe will be responsible to guarantee that the customer will receive their order within the day of delivery.
  • In case where the customer voluntary cancel their order or a completed order but can’t be delivery to customer due to incorrect contact information, Tohe will cancel the order.
  • With order pay in advance right here, Tohe will only start sending your order when we receive payment from our customer. Therefore please kindly transfer the payment sooner so you can receive your order sooner:
    •  Pay with credit card
    •  Pay with ATM card
    •  Internet Banking   

IV. Free Delivery:

Tòhe có chính sách miễn phí vận chuyển cho khách hàng trong từng chương trình khuyến mãi cụ thể từng thời kỳ trong năm. Tohe has free delivery policy for customer in specific promotion programn in each period during the year.

V. Delivery Cost:

You will receive delivery cost for specific product in the check out bill on our website.

 We guarantee to use secure delivery service with reasonable price for our customer.

6. Payment Method:

6.1. Domestic Payment

6.1.1.  Cash Payment Delivery

 Delivery staff will conact with the you to appoint delivery date. In case where you are absent, please kindly commission to other person to receive the order and payment.

6.1.2.  Internet Banking

Please kindly transfer payment to Tohe with this account:

 Account name: Nguyen Dinh Nguyen
 Account number: 0611001893328
 Ha Noi Vietcombank - Ba Dinh Branch, Hanoi.

Note:  After transfer payment, please kindly notify us through email about the transfer and your account number to make the check more convenient.

 (Call us on: 04- 3775 4230, extension 302, 303 if you need our support)

Contact email: contact@tohe.vn


6.1.3. Onepay Payment through Onepay Payment Online payment through domestic card like Vietcombank, Vietinbank, Techcombank, South Asia Bank ….

 (Online Payment Instruction by ATM domestic bank)

A – Activate online payment function

Register Internet Banking service and SMS Banking at the bank transaction desk.

Notes:  If the bankcard’s owner already registed Internet Banking, they can continous register SMS Banking through ATM or transaction desk

B –  Online payment instruction

Step 1:  Select order/service that you want to buy, then choose payment with domestic ATM card. Next, choose the issued bank icon.

Step 2:  Enter card information and confirm account.

  •  Bank card’s owner name (Name on the frontside of the card, without the sign)
  •  Card number (including 16 numbers, print on the frontside of the card)
  •  Issued date ( “MEMBER SINCE” part printed on the card)

If information were correct and your account balance have enough to make payment, enter “Continous Check out” to move on the authentication step.

Step 3:  Confirm payment at the released bank:

  •  Enter access name and password of Internet Banking service.
  •  Enter into the box ( enter the series number), you can enter the sequence number on the right.
  •  After you have done enter all the above information, you can enter “I agree with the terms and conditions of this bank payment...”

Bước 4: Authenticating Bank Card with OTP (Onetime Password)

You will receive OTP through SMS about the registered phone number with the bank. Then enter the OTP code to confirm and click “Check out” to make payment.


  •  Number of payment: maximum 10time/day
  •  Payment litmit: maximum 30.000.000đ/time/day.
  •  Pending time for each transaction: 5 minutes ( If it takes longer, the system will decline and ask customer to remake another transaction)

Bước 5:  Receive transaction result

 After complete these payment, you will be notify the transaction result.

6.2.  International Payment

6.2.1. Western Union Transfer

Please kindly come to the nearest Wesstern Union agent (www.westernunion.com) to transfer to us with the below information:

Receiver: Ms. Nguyen Thi Lieu – Tohe Joint Stock Company
Address:  70 To Ngoc Van,  Tay Ho District, Ha Noi
National Identity Card: 012957483
Tel: 0904 526 688

You will receive the receipt with the transfer payment code (MTCN- Money Transfer Control Number) including 10 numbers once the agent received money and the transfer note.

When you have done the transfer procdure with Western Union, please kindly provide us the information including sender name, country send and the transfer payment code (MTCN) to us through this email address: contact@tohe.vn . After receiving the email, we will proceed delivery through your requirement.

 Call us on this number: 04- 3775 4230, ext 302 if you need our support.

6.2.2.   Bank Transfer

 Please kindly come to the Bank for transfer payment to Tohe’s USD account of Tohe Joint Stock Company through this below information:

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 170014851016880

Note:  After transfers, please kindly email to notify us so we can check the account.

 Call us on this number: 04- 3775 4230, ext 302 if you need our support.

 Contact email: contact@tohe.vn

6.2.3. Payment with international bankcard ( Credit Card) through One Pay payment:

With Onepay Payment, your entire card information will be process through protocol SSL, guarantee intergrity and data security. The system assured not to store your card information.

 After you have choosen direct payment method with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, please follow the below instruction:

Step 1.  Choose card payment

Click on the selected bank card 

Step 2.  Enter payment information

  • Card Number
  • Expiry Date
  • Security Code – CVV, CVC
  • Registerd personal address with the choosen bank.
  • Online Transaction Password and personal information ( if you have join the 3D- Secure of the bank)
  • Click PAY.

Step 3. Receive payment result :

 You just need to wait for a few seconds to receive processing result from the payment gateway ( Order confirmation email and successful payment result)

Note: Your payment was NOT successful, Your payment is declined by the Issuer. Here are the reasons:

  •  You enter the wrong information
  •  Credit Limit or your bank account don’t have anough money for payment.
  •  Your card has not been activated the online payment function. Please kindly contact with your issuing bank to activate.

 If you have entered the correct information and still didn’t receive payment confirmation results, please instead of repeating another payment, contact us immediately so we can confirm your payment result.

 Call us on this number: 04- 3775 4230 , ext 302 if you need our support.

7.  Tohe Promotion Card:

 Promotion Card is a card by Tohe release with par value discount percentage or different discount number. The discount percentage or the discount number will be count and minus to the whole value of the order. Each promotion card will have a code and will be allow to use 1 time for each card number.

When you go inside your cart, before payment, you can choose the type of card you have and enter the code on your card into the corresponding box and enter “Next”

 If your card is still valid, you will be accepted for payment. If your card is invalid, please contact with us for confirmation about your discount/promotion card.

Note: A valid card is a card, which has full mark of Tohe Joint Stock Company and signature from our representative with the unoliberated code.

 Our valid code has never been use to make order at the store or payment on our website.

 Call us on this number: 04- 3775 4230, ext 302 if you need our support.

 Contact email: contact@tohe.vn


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