Privacy Policy

Tohe understand that our customers are very concern about how we secure and use your personal information that you have trustfully provided us. Tohe deeply appreciate that trust and pledge this information will have our maximium effort for security. Tohe guarantee to use your personal information in the most reasonable way, take consideration to never stop improving our service quality and bring our customer interesting experiences while shopping on our website.

1.  Collecting Customer Information:

In order to use services from Tohe, you must register an account and provide us some information such as: email, name, phone numbers, address and other information. The registration Procedure aims to help us for confirmation payment and exact address to our receiver. You can choose not to provide certain information, however you will not be able to enjoy some featured benefits that we provide.

We also store any information you enter on the website or send to Tohe. The information will be use for the purpose of responsding our customer requirement, giving suitable suggestion for each customer while shopping at Tohe, improving order service quality and contacting you when in need.

Besides, transaction informations including: order history, transaction value, delivery method and payment will be archived by Tohe in order to solve any arised problem.

2.  Utilize Information

The purpose of collecting information is to build up Tohe becoming an e-commercial website to bring plenty of benefits for customer. Therefore, the use of information will be served for these below activities:

  • Sending introduction for new product newsletter and promotion program of Tohe.
  • Providing some benefits, support services for customer
  • Improving customer service quality of Tohe.
  • Resolve problems, arised conflicts relating to the use of website.
  • Preventing any Vietnamese law violation activities.

3.  Sharing Information

Tohe know that our customer information is an imporation part to our business and we are not allow to sell, exchange these information to any other third party. We will not share our customer information besides these below cases:

  • In order to protect Tohe and other third party: We will only give your account information and other personal information when we are sure this action is suitable by law, protect rights, properties of the service user, of Tohe and other third parties.
  • Under the rightful law from government organization or when we believe that this action is neccesarily and suitable to the rightful law.
  •  In other cases, we will have specific notification to our customer when we have to disclose information to a third party and these information will only be provided once we receive our customer agreement. For example: promotion program which have collaborated, sponsored with Tohe's partners; providing receiver's necessarily information for delivery units. 

4. Secure Customer Information

 The most important thing to our customer is to protect you from accessed information about your password when you use the same computer with other people. Only then, you must be sure to log out your account after using our service.

 We also guarantee not to deliberately disclose our customer information, sell or share your information with Tohe for the purpose of commercial, violating agreements between us an our customer under Tohe Privacy Policy.

 Tohe emphasise that we are very concern with our customer right in protecting personal information, therefore in case you have feedback, question relating to our Privacy Policy, please contact:

Tel: +84 4 3775 4230


Note :

Tohe Privacy Policy of our customer information will only be apply at It will not include or any other third parties book advertisement or have connection with tohe. We request you to refer and distinguish the different in the Privacy Policy of customer information on this website.

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