How to order

I. Browse and select the product

II. Add products to your shopping cart

III. Payment steps

Step 1: View cart information

  • The system displays information about the products you have selected e.g. type, unit price, quantity... You can change the quantity of goods by entering number in the box "Quantity".
  • If you do not want the selected product anymore, enter “0” as the number of products or click on “Remove”.
  • If you have a gift voucher or coupon, please select the type of card and enter your code in corresponding box to get discount.
  • If you want to donate to Tohe’s social programs, please select “Make a donation to Tòhe” and enter the amount in corresponding box.
  • If you want to continue to see more of other goods, click on "Continue Shopping" if you do not click "Checkout”.
  • Every time you change the quantity of a product, remember you must click "Update Cart" for the system to record the changes in your cart before you click "Checkout" to proceed.

Step 2: Delivery and payment information

1. If you already have an account at

  • Please login with your registered email address and password. Creating an account and loging in with registered account help you skip customer information step.

2. If you haven’t had an account at

  • If you want to create an at, please select "Register Account”, click "Continue" and fill in  the corresponding boxes (Note: marked “*” boxes are required information).
  • If you do not want to create an account at , please select the "Guest Checkout”, click "Continue" and fill in the corresponding boxes (Note: marked “*” boxes are required information).
  • If you have same delivery and payment address, click on “My delivery and billing addresses are the same" and click "Continue". It helps you skip “Delivery details” step because we will deliver good(s) to the address which you have registered in payment step.
  • If your delivery and payment addresses are different, do not select "My delivery and billing addresses are the same", just click "Continue" . Then you fill in the delivery address box respectively (Note: marked “*” boxes are required information).

Step 3: Delivery method

  • Please select a preferred shipping method with corresponding price.
  • Note: We only receive delivery in day in terms of the delivery address is Hanoi inner.
  • Select “Continue”.

Step 4: Payment method

Please select the suitable payment method:

1. Bank transfer

  • Please transfer the total amount of money on your invoice to the account below.
  • Please specify in the transfer content "Payment of … invoice (name of product(s) or invoice number) … (name of registered customer on”.
  • Click "Continue".
  • If the transfer content does not incorrect in name of product(s), invoice number or customer name, we do not take responsible for your shipment.
  • After receiving a payment, we will confirm you (via email, message or phone) and delivery your order.

2. Cash on delivery

  • For this method, payment for a good is made at the time of delivery. We only use this method for delivery in day and for delivery address is in  central area of Hanoi.
  • Click "Continue".

3. Onepay ATM Card

  • For this method, after you select "I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions" and click “Continue”, please select your bank and follow instruction.
  • This payment method allows you to pay by ATM card on in terms of your account is registered to Internet Banking (online transactions).

4. Onepay Credit Card

  • For Onepay Credit Card, please select "I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions", click "Continue" and follow instruction.

Step 5: Finish

  • After you complete all payment steps, you will receive a confirmation to your registed email within 24 hours (except holidays and weekend).

Thank you for purchasing our products.
Tohe Social Enterprise

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