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 About Tòhe Fun

As a social department of Tòhe company, Tòhe Fun creates artistic free playground for handicapped children, aiming at nurturing their confidence, and discovering their creativity.

 Tòhe Fun's participants

Tòhe Fun’s participants are handicapped children whose age ranges from 5 to 10 years old. In specific:

- Children with special background (Orphan, poverty, or minority)
- Differently abled children (physically, or mentally disabled)
- Autists (in all age groups)

 Tòhe Fun's activities

Tòhe Fun brings to its participants, who are less likely to discover art artistic free playground. In the playground, they have chance to learn about art via enjoying fun activities.

Since 2006, Tòhe Fun has organised and co-organsied more than 20 playground for more than 1000 children all over the country, including:

- Center for elderly and disadvantaged children Thuy An- Ba Vi
- Center number 4- Ba Vi
- Kids Village Birla- Hanoi
- Center for socially support Vinh Phuc Province.
- Pediatrics E Hospital
- Children TW Hospital
- Bach Mai Pediatrics Hospital
- Hematology TW Hospital
- Vietnam Friendship Village
- Sao Mai Center
- School for disadvantaged children Thanh Tri
- Group of children from Village Chai in Red River
- Orphanage in Thanh An, Bui Chu, Nam Dinh
- Muong Xen Primary School, Nghe An
- Phuc Tue Center
- Charitable Blossom House- belong to Vietnam Relief Organisation for Children in Vietnam (HSCV)
- Ly Tu Trong Primary School, Hoi An
- Cam An Primary School, Hoi An
- Children from Mountain village Hau Thao, Sa Pa, Lao Cai
- Children Center for Rehabilitation Viet- Han

Currently, in Hanoi Capital, Da Nang city, Hoi An town, Gia Lai city, and Ho Chi Minh city, Tòhe has run weekly artistic playgrounds at:

- Tay Mo III Social Services Center, Hanoi
- Myoko special Kindergarten, Hanoi
- Nhan Chinh special school for the deaf children, Hanoi
- Phuc Tue Social Services Center, Hanoi
- Thuy An Rehabilitation center for children, Hanoi
- Hope Village Center, Da Nang
- Do Trong Huong primary school, Hoi An
- Krong Primary school, Gia Lai
- Social Services center for teenages, Ho Chi Minh

Tòhe Fun's values 


Tòhe believes that every child is the cutest and greatest thing in the world. Children are easy to get fun, to smile. They are always curious about sun, rain, plants and everything around them. For them, playing is a right. Thus, playing - having FUN is indispensable in Tòhe’s art activity for children. Tòhe Fun would like call this art activity “a playground”, instead of calling it “a class” because Tòhe’s playground the place in which children can learn freely, and join joyfully by their inborn curiosity.

Each child is a treasure that Tòhe would like to open, listen from the inside, and inspire their intrinsic talent. We do not try to fill in their mind rules, or change their inborn playfulness. Tòhe creates space in which children could fly and create their own ideas. This explains why in their drawings, there hare pink cow, green sun. We absolutely respect such creativeness because we RESPECT the difference.

Having been going with children once a week during more than 11 years, we have golden chances to witness their development, which is a priceless present for us. Undoubtedly, in order to go with children in such a long journey, and to receive children’s fresh smiles, there is nothing except from the LOVE that connects Tòhe and children, and empowers Tòhe to follow our heart’s calling very week, every seasons, and every year.

Tò he benefits

- Tòhe Fun organises weekly free artistic playground for children. Children’s drawings are used as pattern applied into Tòhe Style’s products. These drawings then are introduced and displayed at playful Tòhe Bank - an online galary of the drawings.

- Tòhe Company sends 5 percent of revenue coming to Tòhe Style’s product to the little authors whose drawings are used for the products. Tòhe companys send 60 percent of revenue coming selling drawings at Tòhe Bank. These incomes might not only support children’s lives, but also create savings acting as foundation for their future development.

- Tòhe Fun seeks for, and supports handicapped children who have artistic talent by providing advanced artistic courses so that their talents can be fully developed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like to know more about

1. Chance for your center/school/group to co-organise artistic playgrounds with Tòhe
2. Children who have artistic talent
3. Other groups/organisation which also serve the community work in art field
4. Chance to work for Tòhe Fun as volunteers

Contact information

Ms. Thu - Tòhe Fun project Coordinator
Email: thu.ntm@Tòhe.vn
Mobile Phone: +84 1672740585
Address: Tòhe office, no 8, Do Quang street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi city.


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