3 founders established Tohe in 2006 : Nguyen Dinh Nguyen, Pham Thi Ngan, Nguyen Thi Thanh Tu.

The story of Tohe started in 2005 when a group of friends Nguyen, Ngan, Tu visited  the Center for elderly and disadvantaged children Thuy An, Ba Vi as volunteers. They organized weekend art activities and drawing sessions for little children, getting to know more about their difficult lives, and at the same time their playful spirit, optimism and simple wishes in life.

May /2006: the same group visited Picasso museum at Barcelona and read one of his most famous quotes: “ It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael, but it takes a lifetime to paint like a child.” Suddenly the idea of Tohe was born: creating chances for kids to be creative, have fun, but importantly to have benefits from these process.

                                               Mrs Pham Thi Ngan & Mr Nguyen Dinh Nguyen : 2 of Tohe founders

29/9/2006 : Tohe JSC officially established and legalized

2007: Tohe imports the number one (t-shirt) digital printing machine in America  (which is also the first one of a kind in Vietnam) and carries out experiment production.

2008 – 2009: The first product was a t-shirt using digital printing from a drawing. Research product development with cotton canvas. Receives high appraises of aesthetic and creativity from customers

9/2009:Tohe is recognised as a social enterprise and receives start-up support from CSIP- Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion and British Council Vietnam.

11/2009: For the first time Tohe publishes products to the retail market (at Charity Bazaar Hanoi) and they are accepted heartily from customers.

 2011: Tohe receives sponsorship fee for machinery and to develop the art program from Germany Development Collaboration Organisation.Tohe participates in Lifestyle Fair HCMC and exports 2 batches of goods to Australia.

2012: Opening of Tohe First Retail Shop

2013 : Tohe exports to Germany market. Participates in many events, market fairs such as Fukuoka Giftshow 2013, Vietnam Festival in Tokyo, Asia Social Enterprise Festival and introduces Tohe’s product in Seoul.

Tohe continuously works with international volunteers from Japan, United Kingdom, and Australia…in marketing activities, sales, human resources, design… and achieved 5 times the profit of 2012. 

2014: Tohe participates in Tokyo Giftshow 2014 to find distributors for Japanese market. At the same time, Tohe’s products have been exhibited and introduced at International Handmade Product in Seoul and received affection from Seoul young customers.

2016 and beyond... The future is exciting for ourselves and our little artists. We seek to grow Tohe, to spread the playful spirit of our children through our products, within Vietnam and across the globe.

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