our design philosophy

Have you ever looked at a product, and then wondered about the story behind it- a story that is beyond ordinary meaning?

At Tohe, we create our products with care and infuse them with our spirit.  We have no desire to create luxury products. We want to guide people towards most close, friendly experiences which are nonetheless delicate and elegant.

You will not be able to find Tohe products with industrial styles of mass production;  instead they are naturally curved shapes, which are natural and emotional.

You can feel that our products have been handcrafted from cotton materials, environment-friendly, with digital printing technology, which help to recreate the whole drawing with integrity. 

You can see the beauty of playfulness, the splendid thrill within the kids' drawings with thousands of colours.

You can be proud that you are enjoying art works from our little artists whom are disadvantaged, but have an astonishing art talent.

Through our products, we wanted to nurture the playfulness in everyone, so that everyday, when you look at Tohe, you will always at least see something interesting and put on a smile.


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