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Through our free weekly creative art playgrounds, we “preserve” and encourage the playfulness within little kids, especially disadvantaged kids. The little ones’ artwork is divided into topics, materials and distinctive styles.

Selected artworks from art classes are then redesigned and printed on lifestyle products such as: clothes, accessories, homewares, and toys branded under the name Tohe and distributed in Vietnamese and international markets. A portion of the profits are used to fund the creative classes & scholarship programs for talented children.


                                                                                     Design and printing process 

                                                                             Making samples and manufacturing process

Through Tohe’s product, we hope to cultivate the playfulness, innocence, cherish and joy of children- while we, the adults, lose these feelings it when life becomes tough.

The Tohe Brand is based on a traditional folk toy, which is very familiar with Vietnamese children. It is made from rice powder and natural food coloring, so after you PLAY, you can EAT it. The meaning behind this toy is very close to our project: making chances for kids to have fun, but also helping them get the benefit from these playground activities.







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