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It seems that adults never stop searching for happiness, from ordinary people to prominent philosophers. 

We are the same. 

We are not sure if we have found the answer, but we are sure of one thing that is very close to happiness; one thing that is apparent within ourselves and it is especially clear within little children: playfulness.

Have you ever truly watched a little child play? They always seem to be so honest, looking at life optimistically, carelessly, finding anything interesting. They see bugs, trees, and ordinary animals as wonders. They forgive quickly, never fear mistakes, curiously touch everything around, ask plenty of questions, and they let you know exactly how they feel. If they like something, they will do it again and again as if that thing was brand new to them. They are freehearted, cry, and laugh freely. They are creative and never hesitate to express love in the most innocent and natural way. Who wouldn’t want to live life like little children?

Because we are adults, we seem to act like… adults. We have a tendency to build up frameworks, to set formulas to everything that is happening. We are busy reeling with serious work and forget that we can live truly in the present, fully experiencing the moment. 

Playfulness will bring you the chance to look at things freshly, freely, humorously and enthusiastically toward everything- even the simplest things.

Always remember: “Whenever you feel like you are missing in life, the first rule is to come back to innocence” – Osho.

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